A digital media publishing company that aims to create and acquire high-quality media assets. Founded by graduates in Journalism from London’s University of Westminster, all websites in the Prophecyverse are run with the aim of adopting the best practices for digital publishing. Current assets: The Envoy Web | The Game Raven | The Football Chronicle


    The Envoy Web

    An informative representation of the video streaming industry. We aim to be at the apex of next-gen ‘streaming journalism’. The ultimate source for the latest news, reviews and features from the rapidly growing world of video streaming networks such as Netflix, Prime Video and Apple TV+, among many more.

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    The Game Raven

    Ravens are often depicted as carriers of messages in fiction. We’re here to connect the world of gaming with those who wish to dig deeper. The Game Raven is the bonafide source of gaming explainers, features, predictions and a whole lot more.

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    The Anime Web

    The Anime Web is a platform that covers anime and manga in depth, specialising in extensive pieces on specific topics.

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